Massachusetts Nursing Home Resident Suffers Humiliation in Social Media Videos Posted by Aides

Nursing homes provide an important service, providing care and attention for elderly individuals. Unfortunately, there have been many reports and horror stories detailing the abuse, neglect, and horrible treatment that goes on in some of these facilities. A recent example of how some facilities fail to provide the care and respect that residents deserve involves social media. A 76-year-old resident at a Belvidere facility was admitted for dementia and Parkinson’s. Two nursing aides took videos of the patient while she was receiving treatments for both of these conditions. The aides later shared these videos on a social media messaging app called Snapchat.

The prosecutors handling the case indicated that this is not the first instance of neglect and abuse at nursing homes in Massachusetts, with at least four other nursing homes receiving violations during the last year. An investigative report also revealed that an out-of-state company had set up a number of nursing homes in the state that had avoided scrutiny from regulators. Patients at these facilities were reported to have suffered from serious and painful conditions, including medication errors, infections, festering sores, and improper care resulting from inadequate training.

In February 2016, Massachusetts health officials initiated an overhaul of the state’s regulations governing nursing homes in order to address the pervasive lack of care. The state intends to hire more staff to handle the backlog of complaints about nursing homes in the state.

Nursing homes, including doctors and staff members, have a duty to provide patients and residents with a minimum level of care and attention. This includes providing prompt and regular medical attention, ensuring that the residents receive proper nutrition, and attending to any physical or mental health conditions that the residents may develop while in the facility’s care. This standard also involves ensuring that residents who are immobile or unsteady on their feet have proper assistance while walking, dressing, or attending to other daily tasks.

If a nursing home has failed to meet this standard of care, and it results in injuries to a resident, he or she may be entitled to compensation. If the lack of due care resulted in serious injuries to the patient, the nursing home facility may be required to pay for any past and future medical expenses associated with the resulting harm, as well as other damages like pain and suffering. In the unfortunate event that the lack of care results in the patient’s death, the decedent’s estate can assert a claim for wrongful death and pursue compensation for any expenses associated with the harm, as well as funeral and burial expenses.

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