Bay State Bike Week Raises Awareness about Massachusetts Bicycle Accident Safety

The infamous Bay State Bike Week took place in mid-May, calling upon bike enthusiasts throughout Massachusetts to organize hundreds of events statewide designed to promote bicycling as a form of exercise and travel as well as creating opportunities for cyclists to mingle. Cycling has a variety of benefits, including providing exercise, reducing the emissions from vehicles, and reducing traffic on the roadways. Due to their exposure to the elements and frequent proximity to motorists, however, bicyclists face serious risks of suffering injuries in a collision with a vehicle.

One of the most critical things a cyclist can do to protect him or herself is to purchase a properly fitted helmet. If the helmet is cracked, worn, or old, it may not provide the full level of protection that you need. Brain injuries are a common injury that happen as the result of bicycle accidents. Brain injuries can lead to a variety of both temporary and long-term injuries, like memory loss, cognitive disabilities, trouble sleeping, chronic headaches, and personality modification. Depending on what you do for a living, these symptoms could have a serious negative impact on your career.

Large trucks are also a serious threat to bicyclists’ safety. The Volpe National Transportation Systems Center reports that 50 percent of bicyclists and over 25 percent of pedestrians who are killed in a truck accident make impact with the side of the truck. For cyclists, the space between the front and rear wheels can often be quite high off the ground. Many cyclists involved in truck accidents slide underneath this space and find themselves trapped. Since trucks are so large and sit high off the ground, truck drivers sometimes have a difficult time seeing cyclists or simply fail to take appropriate steps to look for them. In October 2014, Boston enacted a law that required truck drivers to install convex mirrors, blind spot awareness decals, and convex mirrors to help resolve these issues

If you have been injured while riding a bike due to another driver’s carelessness, you can bring a negligence action to recover compensation for your injuries. In this type of claim, you must show that the defendant owed you a duty and failed to act according to this standard of care, and that the breach caused your damages. The duty of care requires all drivers to operate their motor vehicles with the same prudence, skill, and ordinary care that a reasonable person would use in a comparable situation. This includes yielding the right of way, staying attentive, refraining from engaging in distracted driving activities, and not driving while intoxicated.

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